New Delhi. A joint rescue operation is in full swing to save a group of climbers in Uttarakhand’s ‘Draupadi Ka Danda II’ mountain range. There were 54 members in this team, out of which 25 to 27 people are missing. Rescue teams rescued 14 climbers on Wednesday. They say that the storm and the avalanche was so strong that no one could escape. The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) and the State Disaster Response Force are now searching for survivors. Rescue work had to be stopped due to rain yesterday, but the weather is fine today.

ITBP’s relief and rescue operation in Uttarkashi disaster may continue for 7 days. This information was given by ITBPTT spokesperson Vivek Pandey. He said that the height of the accident site is 17000 feet and we have sent a team of climbers from ITBP. Our team is about to get there. Death can be confirmed by evening. More than 20 people are missing here. 14 injured people have been brought to Matali from the helipad. None of the injured were on stretchers but all are undergoing treatment at the district hospital.

The exact number of dead and missing is not yet known.

Spokesperson Vivek Pandey said that the snowstorm caused chaos. The number of missing persons and the exact number of dead will be known after our team arrives. We are preparing to build an advance camp there so that helicopters can also land there. At this time we descend to a height of 13 thousand feet. We are ready to land at 15,000 feet if we get space. However, we have built a communication station there that we are in touch with. He said that the relief work had to be stopped yesterday due to rain, but today the weather is fine. But the weather keeps getting worse. Because the height is high. Relief and rescue operations will be hampered if snow falls.

Half of the 54-member team is missing, the search is on.
Spokesman Vivek Pandey said that there was a total team of 54 people with 5 to 7 instructors, some were trainees. We are working on the data of 25 to 27 missing persons released by NIM. A team of mountaineers from ITBP will work on them. The ITBP team that has gone are the top trend climbers. Relief and rescue operations may continue in the coming days. Such campaigns last for days and weeks. At such altitudes, relief and rescue operations usually last for a long time, even a week. We have also kept some climbers on standby, they will also be sent if needed.

The storm was so intense that most people were trapped.
Mountaineering is a dangerous activity. An accident happens. We try to reduce these types of accidents but cannot stop because new mountains keep slipping. Had left at 4 am and was returning from high altitude. At an altitude of 17,000 feet, snow falls suddenly within one to two minutes and the debris comes down quickly. His course started on September 22 and was scheduled to end on October 8. Most of the people who were there could not get out during the blizzard because the time was short and the blizzard covered a large area. There are huge mountains on both sides, a V shape in the middle… We are going to have a big expedition.

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