Soldiers of the White Knight Corps of the Indian Army conducted a combat exercise in the Akhnoor sector.
Many senior army officials were present during the war exercise.
Along with combat exercises with tanks, he practiced several attacks such as destroying enemy bunkers.

Jammu. The Indian Army has been fighting terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir for decades. Every move of the enemy on the border was thwarted. Expose every conspiracy of Pakistan that can work to break and dismember India. The Northern Command of the Army is considered a major command. Because this command is closely monitoring every movement of the enemy from LoC to LAC and international border. Soldiers of each unit are taught in advance how to deal with the enemy, how to thwart a surprise attack, and how to respond with force. High-ranking army officers visit the border areas from time to time and encourage their troops and local commanders.

In this episode on Monday, the men of the White Knight Corps of the Indian Army demonstrated their strength in the Akhnoor sector on the border with Pakistan, showing how the Indian Army is capable of retaliating against the enemy. The army men demonstrated their skills in front of Northern Command Chief Lt Gen Upinder Dwivedi, 16 Corps GOC Lt Gen Manjinder Singh and other officers.

The soldiers showed the officers several skills like tank warfare, destroying enemy bunkers, clearing the way for tanks, attacking enemy helicopters in adverse conditions and returning safely after a successful operation. The importance of coordination in this exercise was discussed among soldiers and officers of all units. Several wings of the army participated in the exercise and practiced techniques ranging from encircling the enemy.

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