Jhansi Five people have died due to lightning strike during rain in Jhansi of Bundelkhand district of Uttar Pradesh. Among the dead are four women and one man. The incident took place in a village in Moranipur tehsil, in which around half a dozen people were reported injured. It is reported that the villagers were crushing groundnuts in their fields when the lightning struck them. After this incident, there is chaos in the village. Police and administration officials reached the spot and took the burnt people to the hospital. Support has been assured to the families of the deceased.

According to the information, peanuts are being extracted in the fields at this time. A large number of laborers and farmers are working in the fields. On Monday afternoon, there was a sudden flash of lightning along with torrential water. Meanwhile, several farmers were affected by lightning in the village of Etel. It has news of death of Nikita, Pinki, Kranti of Etel village in this incident. On the other hand, Kanjan Kushwaha, a resident of Bhadwara village, also died due to lightning. After that, a resident of Banpora village also died due to lightning.

As soon as the incident was reported, local administration officials reached the spot. He sent everyone to the hospital. Five have been declared dead. Other burn victims are undergoing treatment. After this incident, the farmer families are crying. 5 deaths at once have spread mourning in the area.

Importantly, the Meteorological Department had issued an alert for heavy rain in several districts of the state on Monday. There has been heavy rain in many areas on Monday. Several farmers working there were burnt when lightning struck fields in Moranipur, Bangra and Raksa in Jhansi. Five of them died.

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