The clothes shop is in the coffin of the accused.
Do not fear the law

Jodhpur. The slogan raised before Kanhaiyalal’s murder in Udaipur is being heard once again. Slogans trying to disrupt the law and order of Rajasthan started echoing on the streets of Jodhpur’s Pipar city. By raising such slogans, where there is an atmosphere of fear and panic among the people of Pipar, there is also severe resentment among the people. People complained about it to the police, after which the police took immediate action and arrested the main accused.

On the issue, SP Rural Anil Kayal said that the police had received a complaint about chanting of slogans of ‘Sar Tan Se Joda’ during a religious procession carried out in the paper on the occasion of Eid Milad-ul-Nabi on Sunday. The video of these slogans also came to the police, after which the main accused Roshan Ali was identified and taken into custody through the video.

The clothes shop is in the coffin of the accused.
According to reports, Roshan Ali was a paddy trader in the past and currently has a clothing shop in Pippad’s coffin check. According to the information received from the sources, Roshan Ali has been accused of trying to spoil the environment of PUPID on religious grounds in the past as well.

Rajasthan Police along with NIA in many states including Rajasthan have taken action against those who raise such slogans, but some fanatics have no fear of law in their minds. Notably, PUPID is considered communally sensitive. In such a case, on whose request such slogans were raised and what was the purpose behind these slogans, it is a matter for the police to investigate.

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