The economy will improve, production is estimated to exceed 12 trillion rupees.
100 Mbps data speed on 4G, 10,000 Mbps with 5G

Bhaswati Guha Mazumdar
New Delhi.
Former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s policy and technology advisor Srijan Pal Singh has said that 5G is expected to bring processing power to six lakh villages, in line with Kalam’s PURA model of providing urban amenities to rural areas. Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially launched 5G services in the country on October 1, 2022, ushering in the era of super-fast mobile internet.

Like many industry experts following the launch of 5G, Srijan Pal Singh, policy and technology advisor to the 11th President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, outlined what to expect from the technology in the coming years. He said that India’s entry into 5G technology is indeed ushering in a new era of Digital India. According to him, 5G is expected to impact a wide range of industries including agriculture, healthcare, education and even governance.

He told News18 that agriculture will benefit from better real-time product information and enabling IoT-connected devices such as drones and tools. The introduction of 5G-enabled technologies is expected to transform the telco and other industries by enabling many new technologies.

The economy will improve, production is estimated to exceed 12 trillion rupees.

Applications in the global economy powered by 5G technology are expected to generate more than $12 trillion in revenue by 2035. Singh said 5G brings unprecedented speed and low latency. Allowing autonomous, or even fully self-driving cars to become a reality on Indian roads. An autonomous vehicle is expected to generate up to 25 GB of data per hour, which can only be handled by 5G, he said.

Speeds of 10,000 Mbps will be available on 5G.

‘Just imagine, every year we lose more than 150,000 lives due to road accidents,’ said Singh. All of these can be avoided by using cars that network together. Moreover, according to experts, to understand the impact of 5G, it is necessary to highlight that today people can get 100 Mbps megabits per second data speed on 4G, while with 5G it can reach 10,000 Mbps. will 10 Gbps is about 100 times faster.

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