International Day of the Girl Child 2022: International Day of the Girl Child 11th October The main objective of Sajra Karnamgach on this day is to create moral awareness among women and save them. Social gender discrimination, female feticide, child marriage, violence, four years of life, this day has become important.

Purvechiya kali child marriage system, sati system, hinda system, girl child or sarkhya sanatani system are practiced. Or karnastav mulinna education, nutrition, Kaideshir Haq Yansarkhya Goshti Nakarlya gelya. Mere, now or modern day Melina Tianche Haq Mevan Dinasathi and Tyababat Lokan Hosh Karnyasathi have been hurt by many attempts.

Significance of International Day of the Girl Child 2022:

International Girl Child Dinache Importance Patwoon Denyasathi The Government of India or Dishene Jomane used to work. Many projects and concepts have harmed the Rabolia caste. International Day of the Girl Child started in mid-2012. Its main objective is to empower and support women. Yes, tianchiasmorel will see to accomplish and tianchia garja karna is the goal. Yasobatch Mulinviril Gender Inequality

Date of International Day of the Girl Child 2022:

Girl’s Day International Level Sajra Karniacha Undertaking ‘Plan International’ or Voluntary Organization Project Mahon Karanit Ala. Or the institution ‘Konki I am a girl’ Nwachi Mohimahi Soro Keli hoti. Yanantara or Mohimicha International Extension Karnyasathi Canadian Government Liaison Sadhyat Ala. Since then the Government of Canada has organized 55 Vaya Mahasabhat Ha Tharao Mandala. Shivti, United Nations Organization 19th December 2011 Rosi Ha thrao pas keela and Tyasthi 11th October Ha Day Dictated ala.

Important thing:

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