Meerut. The whole country is paying homage to Mulayam Singh Yadav. Rajya Sabha member Lakshmi Kant Bajpai also paid tribute to Mulayam Singh and said that he is not called Dhartiputra. The Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament also remembered the old slogan. He said that there used to be a writing on the walls, the name of which is still intact, its name is Mulayam.

He said that Son of Earth or Netaji was not an imposed name but this name was given because of his creation. He remembered the coffee incident with Netaji at Kalhar. Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament He said that he once had coffee with Mulayam Singh Ji in Kalhar. Then Mulayam Singh asked what is the meaning of coffee in Kulahad, to which Lakshmikant Vajpayee replied that he would always remember Lakshmikant Vajpayee because of drinking coffee in Kulahad. Mulayam Singh had said that you will always be remembered as the MLA of Kalhad.

Vajpayee said that Mulayam Singh’s personality was exemplary, a motto that carried over his life. He was a son of the earth. Vajpayee said that if he ever went to him, he was not disappointed. He was very rich in words. The Rajya Sabha MP said that Mulayam Singh never did elite class politics.

Meanwhile, the statement of MP Rajinder Agarwal was remembered when he said in the Parliament that Prime Minister, you become the Prime Minister again, it is his kindness. He said that Mulayam Singh Yadav was an open hearted person.

Remembering Mulayam Singh Yadav, Meerut Deputy Mayor Qazi Zainur Rashidin said that Netaji did a commendable job. His death caused a great loss to Indian politics.

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