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Udaipur. Near Debari Chowk in Udaipur is Biraji, with ‘Mata Ghata’ the stories of his miracles are famous since the establishment of the capital of Mewar. Many such miracles have taken place here which make everyone bow down. It is also believed in mother’s temple that if one does not have a child, the mother fills her lap when the cradle is offered.

After Chittoor, when Udaipur was made the capital of Mewar, the responsibility of guarding its eastern gateway, Debari, was entrusted to the chieftains of Sarmur Deora with the faith of Hari Maa. When Mewar was attacked, the Mughals wanted to enter Udaipur through this gate, the number of enemies was much greater than the strength of the Deora Rajputs, then a group came to Maa for refuge and prayer. K’s navel. Thousands of bees swarmed and chased the Mughals several kilometers away.

The National Highway and Railways also changed course.
A big miracle is also that Maa Mandir was coming up in the middle of Chittoor National Highway, so the construction started by deciding to relocate this temple, but all the builders came. The same road with a sword in hand.. Later the route of the national highway had to be changed without removing the temple.

…when the machine suddenly stopped.
Locals said that earlier this road used to pass near the Mata Temple but after that when people on the National Highway talked about changing the location of the Mata Temple. But as soon as he got there, the whole machine automatically stopped working.

After that, the route had to be changed and the route of the National Highway was removed by cutting the mountain. No protest was made by the villagers for this.

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