MUMBAI HIGH COURT : Mumbai High Court (Bombay High Court) Benefner Sah New Judge Benefner Sah. The President’s approval is issued by the central government. (Additional) Justice Mahnoon’s appointment has reached High Court Justice and President Manjuri Mithali.

Bombay High Court Justice No. Atta 61 Varun 67 Honar Hona. Unrelenting court work, lack of work, work pulled out, help in the public eye.

61 judges were injured on the evening of the High Court. There are 43 permanent judges and 18 additional judges. He is Allahabad High Court Judge no. Here the court approved No. 94. Ata Ya Saha Niyatini Judge Padachi Oth Ghetliawar High Court Account No. 67 is coming.

The Supreme Court Collegium may have decided either High Court judges Mahnoon Santosh Chaplagaukar and Milind Sathe or both Vakilanchaya Nawanchi Shafaris Kelly, but the central government did not specify.

The Supreme Court Collegium has appointed Mumbai High Court Chief Justice Dipankar Dutta Yanchi to Supreme Court Judge Mahnoon Karniachi Shafersahi Kelly. Justice Prasana Varale Yanchi of the Mumbai High Court would have been the Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court, Mahnoon Shafaris Kelly. Justices Dipankar Dutta and Prasanna Varle are eligible for the appointment or appointments approved by the Central Government and the notification has been issued to them.

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