Viral News: Last year, almost all schools were closed across the world due to the corona virus infection. So children’s classes were being held online. But now that the virus infection has been contained, all schools have opened. Apart from this, what the teachers were doing in the online class last year is also beginning to open. In this regard, a shocking case has emerged from a school in the United Kingdom. Here was a teacher looking at adult sites instead of teaching kids.

According to British newspaper The Mirror, grammar teacher David Chidlow has now been suspended. Investigations revealed that between February and March last year he had viewed profiles of women on a pornographic website 74 times during his schooling. The school became suspicious and started monitoring his laptop. Along with this, feedback from students and parents was also taken.

Used to view women’s profiles.
According to the report, the 59-year-old teacher used to teach business studies and economics. He was working in this school since September 2018. Chidlow admitted that he was looking at adult sites during an online class. He said he used to take classes on Microsoft Teams. During this time, he used to look at profiles of women on pornographic websites.

Photo from women
Chidlow admitted he was also communicating with women on the website via email. They also used to ask for pictures of adults. The hearing was told that the school carried out remote monitoring of Chidlow’s laptop without prior notice. A formal disciplinary hearing took place in May 2021, and Chidlow was dismissed for gross misconduct.

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