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Noida. When the green revolution took place in the country, pesticides were used to increase crop yields, but as time went by and new research came along, indigenous and indigenous fertilizers were eliminated from the fields, replaced by research and productivity enhancement. Vali took the medicine. . After some time many types of insecticides became available in the market. Although people then ignored the harm caused by it, now its effect is being seen in an increased amount.

In fact, for many years, fields and crops were being sprayed with pesticides to extract more from the fertile land. In the beginning it was very beneficial but now the same beneficial pesticides are causing harm. Therefore, efforts are being made to stop its use. In Gautam Budhnagar district (Noida), the agriculture defense officer has issued an order banning the use of pesticides.

There is a problem in exporting abroad.
Speaking to News18 Local, District Agriculture Officer Vinod Kumar said that all farmers and pesticide sellers in the district have been ordered not to use any pesticide in basmati rice. Also, all sellers have to provide details of how much stock they have. He said that basmati rice is not being exported abroad due to the use of pesticides. Pesticide residues are being found in Basmati. Complaints were coming in about this, due to which the farmers of the state are also worried. For this reason, if a person sells pesticides, legal action will be taken against him. This order has been issued for the entire Uttar Pradesh.

Which includes drugs.
The District Agriculture Officer said that tricyclazole, buprofezin, acefat, chlorpyrifos, methamidophos, propiconazole, thiomethoxam, profenofos, isoproteolin, carbendazim are the banned drugs. He said that when this rice was being exported abroad, there were continuous complaints. These drugs are causing bad effects on health.

Dr Sagardeep Bawa, a child specialist at the New Hospital, said that rice grown with manure brings many diseases, such as hair loss, loss of strength to fight disease.

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