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Noida. Residents of Shri Ram Apartments in Noida Sector-118, Uttar Pradesh are now forced to migrate to their homes. People say that Shri Ram Apartments is not safe for all of us anymore. Women and girls are especially at risk. Residents have alleged that anti-social elements living near Shriram Apartments, daughter-in-laws and daughters-in-law resort to indecent acts on seeing them, the society has blamed the Noida authority.

Priya shared her ordeal with NEWS18 LOCAL. She says she shifted to Shriram Apartments two years ago. We shifted here after getting an apartment from Noida authority. The whole society is open. There is no limit here. As a result, anyone can enter our homes at any time. When we are standing in the balcony, the stray people start doing obscenities on seeing us. How could someone be like that? Many family members have left home. We complained to the authority several times. We have also appealed to the police for help but no one listens. One day some people entered a house of the society, at that time the minor girl of the owner of the house was alone in the house. They started misbehaving with him. When no help was received, the family left the house the same day.

The boundary was not drawn due to a property dispute.

Nitin, who lives in the society, says that we have complained many times. Several reminders were sent to the authorities but no hearing was done. We complained to the police and requested PCR to patrol. But still no one paid attention. Is management waiting for a big event? At the same time, when we complained to the Noida authority on the Chief Minister’s portal about this whole issue, the reply was told that there is a dispute over the land. Due to which a wall cannot be built here.

Management logic

On this whole issue, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Ashutosh Dwivedi told NEWS18 LOCAL that there is a land dispute here. Teasing is wrong. We are committed to maintaining law and order. Meanwhile, when the Noida authority was contacted to get information about the matter, their phone did not ring and the message was not received.

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