Islamabad. The number of donkeys in Pakistan is increasing continuously these days. Many reports have also come out in this regard. Along with this, now China is going to buy donkeys and dogs from Pakistan. Pakistan’s commerce ministry has told a parliamentary committee that China has shown interest in buying donkeys and dogs from Pakistan. Officials have also told the parliamentary committee that Pakistan is trying to overcome a major economic crisis through this. According to a Geo News report, there was a meeting between the Ministry of Commerce and the officials of the Senate Standing Committee on Monday.

In this meeting, Senate member Dinesh Kumar said that China has shown interest in buying dogs as well as donkeys from Pakistan. Apart from this, Senator Abdul Qadir said that the Chinese ambassador has also expressed interest in exporting meat from Pakistan several times. Let us tell you that donkeys are in high demand in China. Chinese healers use donkey skin in the preparation of traditional medicines. It is claimed that this drug has medicinal properties due to which the blood gets nutrients.

Let us tell you that Pakistan is the country with the third largest population of donkeys in the world. There are about 5.7 million donkeys in Pakistan. Pakistan has also exported donkeys to China before. Last year, the government of Punjab province of Pakistan established a farm in Okara district to export donkeys. The farm is spread over 3000 acres. This farm is the first government farm in the province, where good breed donkeys from other countries including the US are raised for export to China and other countries.

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First Publication: 05 October 2022, 06:05 IST

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