Madhepura. In Bihar, an old man taught a snake a lesson in a strange way. When the snake bit the old man, the old man not only caught him but also tied him to a stake and held him hostage. This snake hostage case is related to Madhepura district. In fact, an elderly man was bitten by a snake in based ward number 7 under Kumarkhand police station area of ​​Sadar sub-division. The old man did not give up when the snake bit him and showed courage and caught the biting snake.

After catching the snake, he brought it to his door and tied it to a stake, but unfortunately the old man’s life could not be saved. A 66-year-old man died of snake bite. As soon as the news of the death was heard, the family was shocked. A 66-year-old man named Rameshwar Mandal had gone to fetch a load of kerchi stored in a bamboo shed near his house. Before his death, he told his family that he was bitten by a snake.

While he was carrying the load of crumb, 3 poisonous snakes came out from the pile of crumb. One of the snakes bit him but the old man showed courage and somehow caught the venomous snake while the two snakes ran away. Despite the snake biting, the old man caught it and brought it to the door and tied it to a stake. When the family heard her story, she was rushed to Muraliganj PHC, where the doctor on duty gave her first aid.

Meanwhile, seeing the situation getting serious, the doctors referred him to Sadar Hospital Madhepura for better treatment, but on the way to Madhepura, Elder Rameshwar died. On hearing the news of the death, the family is in a frenzy, while the villagers are also talking about taking the snake hostage and teaching it a lesson.

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