ChapraIn Kalan village of Manjhi police station area of ​​Chhapra district of Bihar, on Friday night, a heartless husband hacked his wife with a sharp weapon for adding less salt to vegetables. As soon as the incident was reported, the police reached the spot late at night and arrested the accused husband. Sent to jail on Saturday.

According to information, 55-year-old Prabhu Ram, a resident of Kalan village, brutally killed his wife at around 10 pm. The merciless husband stabbed his wife in three places on her neck and back due to which wife Gama Devi died on the spot.

The villagers said that the accused husband asked his wife for food. While eating, he complained to his wife about the lack of salt in the vegetable. There was a quarrel between the two on this matter. In no time, the quarrel between the two escalated to such an extent that the husband started beating her with a sharp weapon. The wife died before other relatives arrived.

Manjhi police station took the body of the woman and sent it to Chhapra for post-mortem. The people of the village said that the accused’s husband works to extract toads from palm trees. Several villagers said on condition of anonymity that the husband was drunk. However, the police have not confirmed that he was drinking alcohol. According to the villagers, the husband would often beat his wife after doubting her character. 20 days ago, the accused tried to kill his wife, so the villagers saved him.

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