Nagpur: Speaking at a book release program in Nagpur yesterday, RSS’ Sarsingh Chalak Mohan Bhagwat said that varna and caste system was an old idea, it should be forgotten now. Brahmins should atone for the wrongs that have been committed before. There is no problem in accepting the mistakes of the ancestors. All ancestors have made mistakes. In the scriptures, Brahmins were born not by birth, but by karma. Later Brahmins came to be considered by birth and the scriptures also later accepted this vice. Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar has reacted to his statement.

Sharad Pawar is on a visit to Nagpur. Asked by reporters here at the airport about the RSS chief’s statement on the caste system, Sharad Pawar said, “It is good that Mohan Bhagwat has accepted that the things that divide society are They create, create inequality, we should leave them. A large section of the society has been exploited for a long time. It’s good to realize that. But just asking for forgiveness won’t do. This should also be reflected in practice. On which the Shiv Sena, NCP chief said, the matter is pending with the Election Commission, the hearing is going on. The Election Commission will decide, I will not comment on this subject.

NCP Maharashtra state president Jayant Patil also reacted to Mohan Bhagwat’s statement and said that as soon as the election comes, the language of calling different castes starts. Such things are not seen in practice. When there is no difference between words and deeds, people believe in those who say such things. Here the Brahmin Sabha of Pune has objected to Mohan Bhagwat’s statement. Brahmin Sabha president Anand Dave said that the advice to apologize to Brahmins was only given for political gain without proper knowledge of the scriptures.

Anand Dev said, ‘When a very small section of the Brahmin society was making mistakes, a large section of the Brahmin society was also talking about correcting its mistakes. Why should the entire Brahmin community apologize for the mistake of a small group?’ While issuing his statement, Anand Dev said, ‘Mohan Bhagwat should be apologised, who is meeting and calling clerics and imams with the dream of Hindutva. By showing the dream of a united India, they are once again managing to hand over the Hindus here to fanatical Muslims.

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