Korba Wedding anniversary is always special for both husband and wife and every couple also celebrates this special moment but the story we are telling you will surprise you. In this story, the wife not only killed her husband but also on a special occasion like birthday. The incident is from Chhattisgarh.

When the police solved the mystery of SECL worker’s murder in Deepka police station area of ​​Korba, Chhattisgarh, the whole matter came to light. The police revealed the incident within 24 hours only. Giving information about the incident, the police said that the wife killed her husband with betel nuts, that too on their wedding anniversary. The wife had also given betel nut to kill her husband, in return for which she had sold her jewellery.

In this case, the police arrested two accused including the wife and also seized the leg used in the murder, bloody clothes, shoes and a motorcycle. The reason for the murder is said to be the harassment of the husband, due to which the distraught wife ended her wedding anniversary. As soon as the incident was reported in Korba, Superintendent of Police U Uday Karan formed a team under the guidance of ASP Abhishek Verma, Dari CSP Robinson Godia, Trainee IPS Rohit Shah. A police team along with a team of Cyber ​​Cell, Forensic Expert Bilaspur, Dog Squad reached the spot and inspected the crime scene.

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Dhaneshwari Ratre, wife of deceased Jagjivan Ram Ratre, was questioned during the spot inspection and she repeatedly tried to mislead the police by changing her statement. She breaks down when the police team questions her harshly. She said that after marriage, her husband used to get into drunken fights due to which she killed her husband Jagjeevan Ramratre. For this she approached her acquaintance Tushar Soni alias Gopi and lured him with money to kill her husband Jagjeevan Ramratre.

Tushar Soni alias Gopi was given an advance of Rs 50,000 to kill her husband. The accused Tushar Soni alias Gopi had gone to jail under an arrest warrant during this period. After Tashar Soni was released from jail, Dhaneshwari Bai Ratre again started calling Tashar Soni repeatedly to kill her husband, then Tashar Soni committed the incident on 24 May. Both have been arrested by the police and produced in the court on judicial remand and sent to jail.

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