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Both Thus, the stance of the law has become stricter with regard to heinous incidents like rape, but even today many such cases come to light in which the negligence of the police raises questions about better policing. A minor girl resident of Bhata Gokul police station area of ​​Hardoi district of UP was raped. But the police did not listen to the complaint. The girl became pregnant, the police still did not listen. The raped girl gave birth to a child. Despite this, neither the local police paid attention nor the police officers crawled to the mine. The matter reached the National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi. After examining everything very thoroughly, the commission gave strict instructions to the police to register a case. Then some 17 months later, the police have registered a case of rape.

On October 2, a case under section 376/506 was registered at Bhatgokull police station on the instructions of the National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi. The woman who filed the report says that one day in May 2021, she went to get medicine. Meanwhile, his 15-year-old minor daughter had gone out of the village to collect firewood and grass. At the same time, a young boy from the village caught the minor and raped her. Also made a video of it.

The accused kept raping the minor by threatening to make the video viral. The raped woman wandered from police station to police station to get justice for her daughter, but no one listened to her. On January 31, 2022, the raped girl gave birth to a child. The police of UP-112 sat idly by handing over her child to a children’s care center in Lucknow.

The mother of the young girl kept circling the police station and the policemen. But unfortunately no one felt sorry for his poverty and helplessness. She kept applying after application, but every application she made to the police turned out to be bogus. After that, that helpless mother turned to Delhi. He spread his bag before the National Human Rights Commission for justice. The commission thoroughly investigated the entire matter and then directed the police to file a report. On the instructions of the commission, the police registered a case against the unknown youth who raped her after 17 months. In this regard, SHO Bahta Randha Singh says that the report has been registered. An investigation is underway.

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