New Delhi. Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir was special in every respect. Shah’s sama on October 4-5 shows that the situation in the state is improving. After seeing the number of people in the big rally in Baramulla, the entire BJP, including the Home Minister, smiled. The special thing is that this was the first rally of any cabinet minister from Delhi after 35 years in Baramulla, considered a hotbed of terrorism. The long queues of people coming to the Jalsa Gah and the excitement on the faces of the people who entered the Jalsa Gah Shaukat Ali Stadium through two thin doors. The local people and administration believed that this was the biggest rally ever held in Baramulla. Seeing the call to prayer in the nearby mosque, Amit Shah also stopped his speech for some time and then resumed his speech after taking permission from the people. The highlight of this rally was that when Amit Shah raised the slogans of Bharat Mata ki Jai, the entire assembly hall echoed with the slogans of Bharat Mata ki Jai.

The message is clear that people no longer want jobs with stones in hand. Home Minister Shah said in the rally that the youths who used to have stones in their hands have been given employment by PM Modi’s government. At the same time, Shah did not fail to tell the people there that earlier there were daily curfews and strikes in Jammu and Kashmir. It was announced from other countries and followed by people sitting in Kashmir, but now there is no strike in the Union Territory and no one has the courage to follow and glorify it. Amit Shah also reviewed the security situation in the state and gave direct instructions to the army, police and administration to root out terrorism, terrorists and their supporters.

Amit Shah also criticized those advocating talks with Pakistan at the rally. Amit Shah believes that if there is to be a dialogue, Pakistan should first admit its mistake. The highlight of his visit is that Amit Shah himself climbed to a height of 1200 feet to pay his respects to Pervez Ahmad Dar, a policeman who was killed by terrorists. According to sources, the administration had made such arrangements from the security point of view that the program would be completed on the road below the house of the martyred policemen. But when Amit Shah arrived, the martyr’s daughter made an emotional appeal to him that her grandmother, the martyr’s mother, is above the house and the father’s grave is also above. Then Amit Shah agreed to climb to a height of 1200 feet and went up to meet the family members and also paid homage at the martyr’s grave.

Amit Shah tweeted that he and the entire country are proud of Dar’s bravery. The Home Minister met Dar’s family and his wife was given a government job. Jammu and Kashmir Police is working diligently to realize PM Modi’s vision of a new Jammu and Kashmir. All these families and policemen were assured by the Home Minister that the Modi government will support them in every way in this fight. Along with this, Shah also announced that according to the Justice Sharma Commission report, Gujjar, Bakarwal and hill communities will get the benefit of reservation.

In the end, it was about the election. Amit Shah assured the people of Kashmir that the assembly elections will be completely transparent and once the Election Commission releases the revised voter list, a decision will be taken. For your information, the process of finalizing the voter list in the state is in its final stages and is likely to be completed in the next one month. Amit Shah bluntly said that earlier demarcation in Jammu and Kashmir was only for three families, but for the first time after independence, there has been real demarcation in Kashmir, in which the hill people have got rights. According to sources, six villages several kilometers away from one constituency were included only because these villages belonged to Sheikh Abdullah.

Talking about elections, voters are divided into four categories. In the first category there are 1.46 lakh people coming from Pakistan. The second category is the four lakh people from Jammu and Kashmir living across the country, whose voting is organized where they are living. 1.86 lakh people came from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and the fourth category are voters residing in Jammu and Kashmir for 15 years. The verification of voter list is going on under the supervision of Deputy Collectors.

The Election Commission is also conducting a thorough investigation of the list. BJP will contest election with full strength and may have alliance with some smaller parties. Especially those parties which have nothing to do with Hurriyat. Obviously, the mood of Kashmir is changing and the preparations for handing over command to the people are also in the final stages.

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