It is also not easy for India to teach people to be careful about their lives. People don’t like things that don’t threaten their lives. The government and the police have to conduct awareness campaigns every year to show how important it is to wear a helmet for your safety. Then somewhere the helmet comes on the head of the bikers. Don’t even wear a helmet if you are not afraid of challan. But in the meantime, such a picture of awakening came out, which even the police officials were surprised to see.

One such awareness video is going viral on Twitter profile @bhagwat__pandey, which will make you laugh out loud. Even the policemen themselves were surprised to see the person carrying the vegetable cart wearing a helmet. Then when asked the reason, he told that the challan is being cut for those who don’t wear helmet, fearing that now he will go out with a handcart in his helmet. This video has been viewed more than 4 lakh times.

Fearing the challan, Handcart wore a helmet.
A vigil video from Madhya Pradesh’s Siddhi district is going viral, shared by a police official himself. But he couldn’t stop laughing. The video was shared on Subidar Bhagwat Prasad Pandey’s profile. Where a man wearing a helmet was seen carrying a handcuff in his hand, everyone’s attention turned to him. Actually, this man was selling vegetables and pan masala on handcuffs but he was wearing a helmet, on seeing which the policeman stopped him and started answering questions. Then the frightened man gave an answer that was surprising as well as setting an example.

Seeing the awakening of this person, people said, “You have reached the limit.”
In fact, an awareness campaign was being conducted in the district. Bikers wearing helmets are being fined immediately. In such a situation, the shopkeeper was also scared. And quickly took a helmet from someone and put it on his head. All that had to happen was that the police noticed him and the investigation began. The man said he saw motorcyclists not wearing helmets being stopped on the road and challans being cut differently. In such a situation, the person with the handcart did not want to take any risk. So, on asking someone, he hurriedly put on his helmet and was seen walking calmly on the road. The video has received more than 4 lakh views.

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