Pakistan is worried about mosquito epidemic due to floods.
Diseases of children, malaria fever and water borne diseases
Decision to buy mosquito nets from India

Islamabad. Pakistan’s Health Ministry has approved the purchase of 6 million mosquito nets from India to prevent the spread of malaria and other water-borne diseases due to the unprecedented floods. This information was given in media reports on Tuesday. The World Health Organization (WHO) will use the financial resources provided under the Global Fund to purchase mosquito nets for Pakistan. This information is given in Jio TV news. Earlier, Pakistan requested WHO to provide mosquito nets.

In mid-June, catastrophic floods caused by torrential rains inundated a third of Pakistan, displacing 33 million people and killing more than 1,700. In September, the WHO warned that rising incidences of diseases such as malaria could lead to a ‘second disaster’. Last week, the WHO warned that the number of malaria cases in Pakistan’s 32 flood-affected districts could rise to 2.7 million by January 2023.

Malaria is spreading rapidly in 32 flood-affected districts.

Pakistani officials have also said that malaria is spreading rapidly in the 32 flood-affected districts and children are suffering from mosquito-borne diseases. It has been reported in the news that permission was sought from Pakistan’s Ministry of Health last month to buy mosquito nets from India.

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