Pakistani smugglers have committed nefarious acts in Sriganganagar district.
Kailash post incident in Anoopgarh area of ​​Sriganganagar
It could not be confirmed whether the Pakistani drone was destroyed or returned.

Shri Ganga Nagar. Drug smuggling on India-Pakistan border is not stopping. Once again, a drone from Pakistan has delivered a consignment of heroin to the Indian border from across the border. But in the meantime, seeing the Pakistani drone on the border, the BSF personnel opened fire on it and forced it to flee. But during this entire operation, the Pakistani smugglers were able to bring the drugs to the Indian border. This is not the first time that drugs have been smuggled by drones from Pakistan. This has happened many times before.

According to information, the latest case took place in Anupgarh area of ​​Sriganganagar district. A Pakistani drone intruded into the Indian border late on Saturday night at the Indo-Pak international border at the Kailash post in Anupgarh. Seeing the Pakistani drone, the BSF soldiers deployed on the border opened their guns. It is being told that the drone disappeared after firing. Later, during a search operation, BSF personnel found heroin in a packet there.

The search operation is going on in the Pakistan-India border area.
The packet recovered by the BSF contained about three and a half kilograms of heroin. After the firing, the drone returned to the Pakistan border or malfunctioned and fell into the Indian border. It has not been fully revealed yet. A search operation is going on in the Indo-Pak border area in search of the drone. The presence of drones along the Indian border has put the BSF personnel on high alert.

Indian smugglers have met Pakistani smugglers.
It is noteworthy that Pakistani smugglers have been smuggling drugs into India on the Pakistan-India border for a long time. In this work, he has the help of Indian drug smugglers active in the border area. Local traffickers transport heroin dumped in Indian territory to Punjab through drones or otherwise. In return they are given huge sums of money. BSF and local police have caught such smugglers several times in the past. But still this process of cross-border drug smuggling is not stopping.

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