Cheese should not be consumed at night while sleeping.
Diarrhea may occur if protein intake is high.

Dangers of eating cheese: Cheese is consumed a lot in vegetarian families. Cheese is made from milk. Cheese can be used to make many dishes. Paneer can be eaten anytime from breakfast to dinner. Cheese is rich in protein. Hearing his name makes people’s mouths water. Paneer is a favorite of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Along with protein, cheese also contains calcium, phosphorus, selenium, fiber and antioxidant properties. It works to strengthen our bones, but you will be surprised to know that consuming cheese can also harm the body. Raw cheese can raise cholesterol levels. Often these problems are caused by excessive amounts of cheese. Let’s know what are the disadvantages of cheese.

Disadvantages of eating too much cheese

May cause diarrhea
Diarrhea can be a problem if the amount of protein in our body is high. Cheese is a good source of protein. Eating more cheese increases the protein in our body, so we should not consume more cheese at one time.

Blood pressure may increase
If you are suffering from high blood pressure then you should not consume cheese. Although cheese is good for our health, eating too much cheese can increase blood pressure.

Infection may occur
Some people like to eat raw cheese to get more protein but consuming too much raw cheese can lead to infection in the body.

Digestion may be impaired.
Cheese should not be consumed at night while sleeping. If you have problems related to digestion, constipation, acidity, then you should not consume a lot of cheese, because consuming too much cheese can lead to acidity and sometimes constipation.

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