An effigy of Ravana is burnt every year at Gandhi Maidan in Patna.
Due to Corona, the Ravana Dahan program could not be held for two years.
Tight security arrangements have been made at Patna’s Gandhi Maidan.

Patna. A Ravana Dahan ceremony has been organized at Patna’s Gandhi Maidan on Wednesday evening. Along with the arrival of the tableau, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will offer aarti to Lord Shri Ram and his younger brother Laxman. Meanwhile, along with Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav, several ministers of the Bihar government will also be present there. Under the auspices of the Dussehra Committee, the program will begin at 4:30 pm at Gandhi Maidan in the capital.

Ravana’s effigy will be burnt at five o’clock in the evening. Dussehra committee people said that due to Corona, after two years, Ravana slaughtering program is being organized in Gandhi Maidan. Lakhs of people from across the state are expected to participate in this program this year. After visiting various areas of the capital Patna, the tableau of Shri Ram and Laxman will enter the Gandhi Maidan. After the arrival of the tableau, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will offer aarti to Lord Shri Ram and Bhai Laxman. With this, the Ravana slaughtering ceremony will begin.

People associated with the Dussehra committee said that a 70-feet tall effigy of Ravana will be burnt at Gandhi Maidan this year. Meghnad will have 65 feet and Kumbhakaran will have 60 feet. This statue is made by expert artists of Gaya. In the Gandhi Maidan itself, thins are made of cloth, bamboo, paper, rope etc. This year, the golden lanka built at Gandhi Maidan is two-storied. It is beautifully decorated. Ashoka Vatika is built inside Lanka where Sitaji will be seated.

The Dussehra Committee has appealed to the people that when parents bring a child to Gandhi Maidan, they must keep a slip of name and phone number in their pants or shirt pocket, so that if the child gets lost in Gandhi Maidan, they can contact him. can be detected. can be easily found. The Dussehra Committee has already decided to send it to the parents after having the name and number.

The district and police administration have also made special vigilance and preparations so that the Rawan Slaughter program can be completed peacefully. Under the chairmanship of Patna Divisional Commissioner Kumar Ravi, several decisions have been taken several times at Gandhi Maidan and as precautionary measures. In fact, several people died due to a stampede during the Ravana Slaughter program at Gandhi Maidan a few years ago. Since then, the administration has been taking special care with the Ravana Post programme.

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