If any type of infection occurs after delivery, a specialist should be consulted immediately.
After delivery there is a risk of kidney infection, uterine infection.

Postpartum complications: Being a parent is the most enjoyable experience in the world. It is a proud moment for a man but at the same time it brings challenges and responsibilities in his life. On the other hand, mother also has an important role. It is the mother who carries the child in her womb for nine months and goes through the painful process of birth. The mother is responsible for the care and nutrition of the child. Child birth is very difficult for any woman as it affects her physically and mentally.

After delivery, any woman has to take special care of her health. Just my health Accordingly, the woman is also at risk of developing many physical complications after delivery. Some physical conditions are as simple as pain, but others are quite complex. If you know about these situations, you can take effective measures when needed, but if you don’t, you can get into a lot of trouble. There are certain conditions that every woman must be aware of.

Postpartum bleeding
Bleeding after delivery is normal, but as long as it is limited, it is normal. If there is heavy bleeding, there may be a bigger problem. This condition is seen in women who have given birth to more than one child or women who have labored for a long time. Bleeding problems are also seen in women who have had a uterine infection during or after delivery.

Postpartum infection
Infection is also seen many times after delivery. If you notice any signs of infection, you should consult a specialist immediately. It is more likely to occur in women who have had a cesarean or C-section birth. Kidney infections, uterine infections and even stomach infections can occur after delivery.
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If you have a high fever, increased heart rate or smelly urine, it could be a uterine infection. If you have frequent urination, back pain and heaviness in your bladder, it could be a kidney infection.

Pain in the breast
Clogged milk ducts, swollen breasts and severe itchy breasts are some of the common breast problems that women who have become mothers for the first time after giving birth may experience. However, such complications improve within a few weeks or one to two months.

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Here, first-time mothers have to take special care that for the first two to three days after delivery, only water-like substance will come out of the breasts. After three to four days, the breasts become heavy and hard when milk secretion begins. Women should use warm compresses to keep the breasts soft.

Postpartum depression
Child birth changes a woman’s life completely. After delivery, a girl becomes a mother. This change affects him in many ways. However, the biggest impact is on the mental level. Many women take care of themselves but some women take a long time to accept this change. Although the joy of motherhood is shared by all women, sometimes women also go into depression. In such a situation, other family members need to be careful.

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