On BMC pits: MUMBAI TUL RASTIANCHIABATIT IMHALA DYA COPYRIGHT, PADHEL At the end of three years the pits of Mumbai will be free Ashi Guwahi. Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal ie brought to the High Court on Friday. mumbaichaya Rastianur Khads Padale (Pots in Mumbai) Mumbai Fikat Mahapalichiya Navane’s sister-in-law was standing. Pan tiani wastistiti understand ghetli peheje, humi full responsibility ghela anandnam tyar ahoot, so is Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Chahal i.e. Singtal.

Mumbai Municipal Corporation Commissioner Iqbal Chahal i.e. High Court of Sangital, Amhala has given all rights in respect of Mumbaital Rustimba. We would have sent a letter from Rosie to Chief Sachiona on 2nd February 2021. Not just passing judgment. If so, jhalantar poochi for 20-30 years result in change pahela mittal, aase chahal i.e. hekurtala sangatle.

The High Court should issue orders, give directions, issue directions, give such directions.

A petition was filed in the High Court regarding the Mumbaital Rastyanwaril Khadianchia issue. Or Sanavanisathi Municipal Commissioner and Public Dam Department Secretary Kortapode Hajar Jhale. Chief Justice Dipankar Dutta and Justice Makrand Karnik Yanchia Khand Peetha Pata Khambalia Sanavit Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal were briefed on the High Courtala presentation. Jyat borivlit ghadlelya ghatnechya rastyachi rastyachi Accountability would have been clarified by MSRDC as Khadiansathi only, how municipality administration is not responsible, petitioner has not given information. Or respond positively to the entire Regards or subject rate.

Chahal refers to which song?

Mumbaiat sadhya start so satya rastianchi work and tianchia caregiver palikane full pan control not. Mumbai BMC Individual MMRDA, MSRDC, MMRC, PWD, MBPT, AAI, BARC etc Miscellaneous Authorities

Mahamarg Ahat Te Paramokhanam State Government in Mumbai overshadowed the authority. Tar metrochan kam suru ashila sampoorna bhag ha ‘mmrcl’ kade. Chamberpasoncha seven panvel rasta ha mardakde ahe, many varsampson athe khade padat asleche tiani cortachia nadrashanas aon dil. Yes, dahisar check naka, muland check naka ha kamposhi mardhya akhrit hai, ashi mehti tiani high court delhi.

Mumbai Chia Rastiwar Khadpadat?

MUMBAI MUNICIPAL COMMISSIONER, MUMBAI Tel Rustianur Khade has been filed by the petitioner Mehti High Courtala Delhi. The year 2018 is coming to a close. Various developmental works have taken place in Wadli. Other vehicles are numbered day by day. Timule Rastianur Dur Tan Padt Asleche Tiani Sangtale. Many companies are empty handed. Such drainage lines are often taken care of. Miscellaneous San Atswanchaya Kalat Rastianwar Mandap Ghatle Jata, Tewahi Rastianchan Worm Damaged Garm Aslache Municipal Commissioner Chahal i.e. Sangital.

Urgent measures are being taken regarding the municipality.

In the context of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, which measures the plan, the information of the applicant is given. Monsoon season, Khadyanchi’s main problem for Mothi Ahe, western suburbs of Mumbai. Below are the treatments Mahnun ‘Pure Block’ and ‘Cold Mix’ Waparlan Jat Aslache Tiani Sangital. Tyasanchi Vishranti Ghetli level RHC (rapid hardening concrete) will be withdrawn. Tiasa ‘Mustak’ saw only a modern method of Isliache Tiani Singtal. 2050 km long road in Mumbai Asun Tipaki 990 km road Kokranche Jhale Asliachi Mehti Tiani Dili. Except 265 km. Tar Pachicha Fertilized throughout the year Rastanchahi Complete concretization hole Ashi Tiani Sangtale.

Why the application?

Regarding the state’s poor roads and gorges, civil servants Nandavata Yavit Mahon were issued employment orders by the Mumbai High Court on 12 April 2018. Establishment of independent dispute redressal mechanism, control of safety inspection of manhole, complete information about commencement of work, completion of work, time period, contempt petition was filed by petitioner Dwarkadas.

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