Washington, US Vice President Kamala Harris and actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas shared their ties to India and discussed a wide range of issues including marriage, pay equity and climate change. Actress and producer Priyanka, now based in Los Angeles, was invited by the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum to interview Vice President Harris.

Priyanka has settled in America after marrying singer Nick Jonas. The actress started the interview by talking about their relationship with India. “I think in a way we are both daughters of India,” Priyanka said in the presence of some prominent figures of the Democratic Party from across the country.

He said you are an American daughter whose mother was Indian and father was from Jamaica. I am the daughter of Indian parents who recently immigrated to this country. He said that America is recognized as a beacon of hope, freedom for the whole world and these principles are currently under constant attack.

The actress said that for the first time after 20 years of work, she was paid at par with a male artist this year. He also talked about equality in married life. At the same time, Harris also acknowledged that we live in an unstable world. She said, ‘I am traveling all over the world as the vice president. I have met or spoken to over 100 world leaders on the phone.

Haris further said that things which we have been taking lightly for a long time are now being discussed. See Russia’s war in Ukraine without any provocation. We thought that the issue of territorial integrity and sovereignty has been completely settled, but now the debate is only on that. Talking about America, Harris said, ‘We see this in our country. We believed that with the Suffrage Act, every American’s right to vote was secured. He said what happened after the 2020 elections… some people are deliberately making it difficult for people to vote.

Agreeing with Priyanka, Harris said that you are absolutely right. There are many things that need to be discussed now. Meanwhile, Priyanka and Harris also expressed their views on the issue of climate change.

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