People who show symptoms of corona even after 12 weeks are called long covid.
Prolonged covid has problems like fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, brain fog.

Prolonged covid new symptoms: Corona epidemic has affected our lives badly. This pandemic has affected our physical health as well as our mental health. The corona virus infection has stopped to some extent but still its crisis is not completely over. Still thousands of cases are being reported every day. It takes at least 12 weeks for people who get infected with corona to feel better, but there are some people who continue to show symptoms even after 12 weeks, this is called long covid.

Almost 2 years have passed since the outbreak of Corona but still scientists and health experts are continuously researching it. Scientists are trying to figure out the long-term effects of the coronavirus. India Times At the same time, an article appeared in the British Medical Journal that included covid straggle as a symptom of long covid.

What is covid strangle? (What is the COVID strangle)
Earlier cough, cold along with fever were major symptoms of corona virus. Before the onset of fever, people started having a sore throat problem and due to this the symptoms of corona were found. Now, along with the cough, pain, another symptom has been added, which is your changed voice. According to experts, if you don’t have any serious throat problem and suddenly your voice changes, you feel anxious and have trouble breathing, it could be a symptom of Corona, which is known as Covid-19 straggle.

Problems swallowing
You may have difficulty swallowing anything due to difficulty breathing in Covid strangles. When we swallow to prevent any food or liquid from entering the lungs, we naturally hold our breath. Shortness of breath can cause difficulty coordinating breathing and swallowing.

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Those who may have covid for a long time.
There is currently no clear answer as to who may have a long-term covid problem. Experts are researching it. Although scientists say long-covid is common in people who already have a serious illness. Experts found in their research that it was also more common in people who had been hospitalized for a long time and were aged 35-69 years. Experts believe that people who are less active are also more susceptible to chronic illness.

Prolonged covid symptoms
Well, there are many symptoms of long covid. Not all people have the same symptoms. Symptoms vary from person to person. Fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, mental fog, mental fatigue, dizziness, loss of smell and smell, skin rash, conjunctivitis, insomnia, anxiety, depression and joint and muscle pain. .

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Do not use these things at all.
According to experts, many times we can control the symptoms of prolonged covid by making some changes in our diet. If one is suffering from long covid symptoms, he should avoid curd, beer, alcohol, meat, aged cheese, fried fish as well as packaged foods in his diet.

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