A buffalo collided with the Vande Bharat Express train between Batwa and Maninagar before Ahmedabad.
Railway Minister Ashwini Vishnu said – animal collisions on the tracks cannot be avoided
The design of the train has been specially developed by the Minister of Railways

Anand (Gujarat). Railway Minister Ashwini Vishnu said that collisions with animals on the tracks cannot be avoided. This has been taken into consideration while designing the semi-high speed train Vande Bharat. It is learned that the Vande Bharat Express running between Gandhinagar-Mumbai Central collided with 4 buffaloes at Vatwa near Ahmedabad on Thursday. This damaged the front part of the train which was later replaced. Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off the train on this route on September 30.

Railway Minister Ashwini Vishnu said that the design of the train has been specially developed. It is very strong and even if there is an accident, the train will not be damaged. The front part of the train is completely replaceable. As soon as the train reached Mumbai, it was completely cleaned and its front section replaced.

Big statement on train design

Minister Vallabh was interacting with students of an engineering college in Vidyanagar. “The train has been designed “very thoughtfully”, he said. In India, tracks are laid on the ground. Wherever you go, animals will cross them. No one can stop them. If If we don’t raise the tracks in the next five to six years, the animals will come before the trains.

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The Union Minister said, ‘Trains will run at a speed of 120-130-160 km per hour and collision is inevitable. It’s a matter of common sense and design, so design it in such a way that you can improve it whenever something like this happens. He said that the train has been designed keeping this in mind. Vishnu said Vande Bharat Train The next version will have a top speed of 200 kmph. Its latest version, which runs on the Gandhinagar-Mumbai route, has a maximum speed of 160 kmph.

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