Rainfall in Maharashtra: Statewide Pawsala (Rain Update) Membrane has started. Friday Pavsane With Mumbai (Mumbai Yellow Alert) Rajyala Jhodpale has been reached. Hutch Particha Pus Pudhe Kahi Day Thiman Ghalanyachi Saktia came. In the meantime, two or three days passed, and Asaliya Pavasane came to visit the strong Hjawiri Laviche. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, Mumbai city, suburbs and Ajubajochia Bhagat Pavasachya Vijanachiya Kadkardatasa Pos Padnyachi will have been detected. Today, October 8, Rosi Wijanchaya Kadak Datnsa Pavasachi’s capability review came to the Air Force Department. Mumbai’s air department issued a yellow alert today.

11 and 12 October
Today the state of India has come to power. The Air Force Department has issued a yellow alert for Mumbai today. After each day the atmosphere of Mumbai has come with the state capital. 11 and 12 October

Mumbai pos kahi din ta thoknyachi possible
According to Air Force Department, what is the capability of Bombayat? A yellow alert has been issued in Mumbai today. Tar pude kahi de pausachia medium kiva halkia sari brasnar asliacham sangant yet ah. In the middle of October 10, Monsoon Ngon Zel and Pavasla Thumbner Asliachan, Air Department Officer, Vertwalia, have come to the estimated music.

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