The incident took place in Kanota police station area of ​​Jaipur.
The accused cut the vein of his own hand to scare his cousin.
The accused made a dirty video during the rape and then started blackmailing.

Hiralal San.

Jaipur. Once again a shameful news of brother-sister relationship has come out from Rajasthan. In Basi Thana area of ​​Jaipur, a youth blackmailed his cousin sister in a hotel and raped her there. The accused took dirty pictures of the cousin sister and also made a video. Later he started blackmailing her. Frustrated with this, the young woman finally took refuge in the police. The police have registered a case under serious provisions against the accused brother. Police are looking for the accused.

According to Kanuta police officer Arun Punia, the victim is 25 years old. According to the victim’s report, the accused cousin called her on February 14 and invited her to meet at Agra Road on the pretext of showing her clothes. From there he made her sit in the car and asked her to walk to the hotel. But the girl refused to go to the hotel. On the girl’s refusal, the accused threatened to kill her by cutting the vein of her own hand with a blade. This scared her and went with him.

Take dirty pictures and make videos
The accused brother took her to the hotel room and raped her. During this time, he took dirty pictures of her and also made a video. The accused brother started blackmailing him by threatening to spread obscene pictures and videos. Because of this, the girl got worried, so she told her family about her ordeal. After that, the victim reached Kanuta police station and registered a case of rape against the accused cousin along with the family members. The police have registered a case against the accused under serious provisions including rape and blackmail and have started investigation.

Relationship-defaming incidents have come to light in the past as well.
Notably, this is not the first case of embarrassing relationships in Rajasthan. Even before this, many such cases that tarnished the relationship have come to light. According to the recently released data by NCRB, Rajasthan ranks first in the country in rape cases. At the same time, the Rajasthan police found in their investigation that more than half of the victims in rape and molestation cases were found to be their relatives and acquaintances.

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