Banaras means Kashi is the city of Lord Shiva. But here is Lord Rama’s Leela Hola. Such a Leela of Lord Rama would not have happened even in Ayodhya. The month of Kovar and Cuttack Doi was shining in the colors of Banaras Rama. At that time Johar also came out to the city of Sanjha, saw Ram Leela. The best thing about Kashi’s Ram Leela is that the fun of Ram Leela doesn’t stop there. The full form of Ramlila was religious. There is no drama and no music in Ram Leela. The shepherding of Ramcharat Manas was the mainstay of Ramlila. The dialogues are also short and based on quatrains. Based on the Tithi and Nakshatra, the entire Ram Leela is completed like a religious ritual. Viewers also watch Ram Leela with religious sentiments. So except Ramlila in Ramnagar there is not much crowd in Ramlalan. Due to two years of Corona, Ram Leela is not safe. This year’s Ram Leela is a different kind of excitement for the people of Banaras. Ram Leela of Lat Bhairu, Ram Leela of Chitrakot, Ram Leela of Tulsi Ghat and Muni Baba Ram Leela, all the four Ram Leela of Kashi are more than four hundred years old. Muni Baba Ram Leela Committee official Dr. S.S. Ganguly says that Kashi is a cultural city. Kashi has a tradition of celebrating nine festivals in seven days. After two years of Ramlila, there was no sadness in Logan. But this year Ram Leela is done but Kashi is back in his colors.

At the time of Ram Leela, Kashi’s mood had completely changed. The entire city echoed with the chanting of Ramcharat Manas and the discourses of Ramlila. The atmosphere of Ramlila should also be taken with your colleagues. Masks, arrows, swords, various games are the attractions of Ram Leela Mela. The famous Banaras sweet Magdal originated from this period and went into full bloom. Magdal’s Khamcha was a must at Ramlila Mela in Banaras. Special Time Pass of Owais Chutney with Chinese Badam Banarasin Big Ram Leela. But the Ramlila observance rituals became a regular logan. Regulars arrived at the Ramlila venue of Ramcharat Manas in one hand and Pedha Lai in the other. The Ramlila of Ramnagar was crowded with ordinary people.

In fact, most of the Ram Lilas of Banaras are celebrated in street style at different places. Different days change different places. The Ramlila of Ramnagar was held in an area of ​​five kilometers. Various places like Ayodhya, Janakpur, Lanka, Panchavati, Rameshwar etc. have been fixed. The Ram Leela of Latbhirao and Chitrakot used to go around the city. As the Ram Leela moves from one place to another, the audience should also accompany the Ram Leela to different places. Normal people are aware of race. Where Ram Leela was seated on the Hola Pedha and started reciting Ram Charat Manas.

Kashi’s Ram Leela 31 and 21 days of Holi. The Ram Leela of Ram Nagar is famous all over the world for its style. Even in today’s modern times the entire Ramlila Holi without a mic under the light of Petro Max. Ram Leela of Ram Nagar has been declared a heritage site by UNESCO. But the second episode of Ram Leela in Kashi is famous all over the world. Both events are included in Kashi’s Lakka Mela. Nati Amli’s Bharat Melap and Chetganj’s Niktiya. The next day of Dussehra, Naat Amli Holi, Bharat Melap. That is, on October 6 this year, Nati Amli’s Bharat Melaap was held. The whole of Banaras turned around to witness the two-minute match between India and India. People from all over the country and the world watch this minute change Leela. Kashi Badshah saw the mixture of tamarind and tamarind on a water elephant with a silver hood. After Onkare Alli, Bharat Malap Leela started.

Chitganj was established under the Ramlila Samiti. Acre’s boat may be the boat of Chetganj, but the crowd was so great that the whole of Benares became a small net. Il Leela starts with Sanjha, lasts the whole night and ends with Jai Ke Hola in the morning. The highlight of Chetganj is the tableau emerging from here. Holin Tableau is included in Leela with different themes. Also called ‘League’ of Tableau. Many tableaus are very dangerous. Ohi Tere Banal Raheelaan all night artistes participated in the tableau. Artistic people practice acres with great initiative. The Nikkataya of Chetganj is celebrated on the day of Holi Katak Bhai Chaturthi i.e. Karva Chauth. People from all over the country and the world can watch Leela. The crowd was millions.

Kavanu Mahalla of Kashi is not the same, where there is no Ram Leela. In Kashi, Dara Nagar, Kashipura, Aurangabad, Gaighat, Nadesar, Varunapal, Orderly Bazar, Bhajoveer, Shivpur, Khojawan, Lahtara, Lalahpura, Ashapur, Lohta, Pandepur Ram Leela is famous. Apart from Accra, Ram Leela was also organized in the rural area of ​​Kashi. The entire Banaras Shiva-Rama Rahila, from Kawar to Hoi’s Kathak.

(Sarooj Kumar is a freelance journalist, the views expressed in the article are his personal.)

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