Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine ,Ukraine) Russia And after the Karimyala Jodnia Pulver blast, there has been repeated tension between the two countries. In the absence of hope, Russia attacks Ukraine with a strong banana. According to Melilia Mahiti, the Russian japurizia and khepnastrane are plantains. Or Khushnastra Haliwit 17 Even though death is coming, tar 40 more people were injured. 34 days have passed since the end of the 34th anniversary of the death of Japurizia. Tyachvili targeted the Russian national and claimed that Kashpanastre Dagalecha, who fled, came to Ukraine.

Putin means half Kelly would have declared.

Nictek Russian Ukraine Chia Jia Char Bhagana Aplia Rural Areas Merge Karnihchi Declaration Kelly, Tiat Zaporiziache Nwahi Samil Jhale. In addition, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on September 30 that Russia would merge Ukraine, Luhansk, Donetsk and Kherson into Russia.

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