Many banks have started WhatsApp banking.
Here is how to sign up for WhatsApp banking facility.

New Delhi. Digital banking is the most convenient way for customers to avail bank services at home. Many banks have started WhatsApp banking to make this facility more convenient. Through this digital banking, customers can avail non-financial banking services such as last 5 transaction details, balance enquiry, stop check, and check request for account holders. If you also want to benefit from this service, save your bank number in the phone from the given list.

We inform you that all the major banks like State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC, ICICI, Bank of Baroda (BOI), Axis Bank and Punjab National Bank (PNB). WhatsApp in banks is providing banking facility to its users.

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SBI WhatsApp Banking Services:
SBI recently launched WhatsApp banking service for its customers. To activate a bank account with SBI WhatsApp Banking Service, SMS WAREG A/C No. 917208933148 from your registered mobile number. After the registration is complete, you will be able to use SBI’s WhatsApp service.

PNB WhatsApp Banking Services:
Punjab National Bank (PNB) on October 3 said it has launched banking services for both customers and non-customers through WhatsApp. To activate the banking facility on WhatsApp, customers need to save the official PNB WhatsApp number 919264092640 and initiate a conversation by sending hello/hello to the number, the bank said in a statement.

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HDFC Bank WhatsApp Banking Services:
All you have to do is save the number 70700 22222 in your mobile, HDFC Bank said on its website. After that send hello on WhatsApp. More than 90 transactions and services are available through HDFC Bank Chat Banking on WhatsApp.

ICICI Bank WhatsApp Banking Services:
To avail ICICI Bank WhatsApp Banking facility, you need to reserve 8640086400 number. Then say ‘Hi’ to 8640086400 from your registered mobile number. You can also miss call or SMS 9542000030 to start a conversation by getting a secure and interactive menu on your mobile screen through the WhatsApp messaging platform.

Axis Bank WhatsApp Banking Services:
If you are an Axis Bank customer then you need to send Hi to 7036165000 to avail WhatsApp services. After subscribing you can avail services like accounts/cheque, credit card, fixed deposit and loan.

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