Shiv Sena: Magal tin daskanhon shivsenichi niwadanuket okh islaya bow & Arrow (Shiv Sena Election Symbol Bow and Arrow) The Election Commission may have given instructions to answer the riggers during the speeches of both of them today. Dupari both vajanyachya kahi minite aadhich shivsenene vakilam thru nivardanuk ayogakade aple North Regards banana aahe. Mumbai Tel Andheri East Vidhan Sabha Putni Vadanukisathiya (Andheri By-Election) Background Landslide Commission Pipeline About the sign The judgment of the forlorn came to Ghanwa as possible.

On Friday Shivsenchia Thakre got 800 pananche North Nevadnok Komisala bananas. Hey 800 water would have been northeast. Soon after today, through the Shivsin Vakilan, the claims will come to the Office of the Navidnok Commission, outside the Aliantar Shivsinichiya Vakilani Singtals, the General Election Commission, the National Executive, and the commitment to the members. Tesvaya adich lakhan hoon more affidavit dil asun ata laukrach 10 to 12 lakh party member nandini ayogxmore regarding karnar ahoot. Nivadnook Ayogala Uttar Dile Aslyache Tyani Sangitle.

Andheritil potnivdnukisathi till 14 October. Pakshaya Permit Umedwarisathi and Nivadnook Chinhasathi Denyat Yenara A, B form Denyacha Adhikari Sadhya Tari Pakshapramukh Mahnoon Udhav Thackeray have come to Yanchyakade. Tara, Dasrikde Shinde Gitane Pakshe President Mahnoon Eknath Shinde Asleche Dawa Pertarpatrat Kale Ahe. Nidnook Commission Yetya Kahi Divatach Shivsenechya Nivadnook with respect to indications of important instructions comes the possibility of refusal.

Pipeline Commission work till midnight on Friday

Shivsinichia Thackeray and Shinde Gatane regards, kalili, paper sheet etc. Commission work would start by midnight. tiantar nivardanuk ayonane donhi gattana midnight 12 vijnachya summers apale Karnyache’s instructions regarding the answer would have been in the heart. Or according to the instructions, today the response time will be by 12 noon.

Shivsenchia Thackeray Gattakade National Executive, Rep. Sabhathil hurt the majority members. According to the fall party executive, representative assembly, party has come to collect claim. Shiv Sena’s organizational bar Uddhav Thackeray Yanchia Pathishi Aslache pic sadhya ahe.

T, Dusrikade Eknath Shinde Yanchyakade 40 Aamdar, 12 Khasdar are the majority of such parliamentary parties. Eknath Shinde i.e. the president of Apanch Pakshe is making claims. Vidhimandal

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