Jabalpur. Indian Army Dare of devils He showed his mettle again in Jabalpur. Army today on the occasion of Independence Day Motorcyclist Seals Once again presented his bold intentions and spirits through an unparalleled presentation of art.

Spectators were left in awe as a team of daredevils of the Indian Army performed amazing feats in Jabalpur, displaying unparalleled discipline and exceptional courage. Daredevils on 33-bullet motorcycles kept the fans enthralled for a long time with their astonishing feats.

30 world records
About 30 world records are registered in the name of this daredevils team of the Indian Army. These include Guinness Book of World Records, Limca Book of World Records, Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records. Spectators clenched their fists as the Daredevils performed an astonishing feat while riding on bullets at the Gauri Shankar Parade Ground of One STC in Jabalpur.

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Everyone greeted
Under the leadership of Daredevils captain Ashish Rana, the Braves performed more than one trick. Seeing which the applause of the audience did not stop. Soldiers of Daredevils continued your unparalleled performance for almost 1 hour. During this performance, the team enthralled everyone by creating Open Crossing, Open Salute, Parallel Crossing, Suicide Crossing, Side Balance, Three Man Balance and Pyramid. Apart from Central India Area GOCM MK Das, several senior army officers were also present at the ground to cheer on the brave men. Appreciating the performance of the youths, he hoped that Bahadur Bahadur would set another world record soon.

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