Consuming banana, carom seeds and yogurt soothes the stomach in diarrhea.
Diarrhea can be caused by dehydration or food poisoning.
During diarrhea the body should be hydrated.

Natural Remedies for Diarrhea: Eating disorders can make you prone to diarrhea. Food poisoning, infection or consumption of contaminated food causes diarrhoea. Unhealthy diet has made the problem of diarrhea common. Loose motions in diarrhea can be accompanied by abdominal pain, dehydration and weakness. If this problem continues for a long time, it can create an alarming situation. In this, the body does not get proper nutrition and there is also a lack of water due to which other functions of the body are also adversely affected. Frequent diarrhea can be a sign of serious stomach diseases, so it is important to deal with this problem in time. Let us know that taking care of few essential things can get rid of the problem of diarrhea.

Things to watch out for if you have diarrhea:
, According to healthline.com Use probiotics, which contain good bacteria to help maintain gut health. Yogurt, dark chocolate and olives can be good sources of probiotics. Along with this, powders and medicines for probiotics are also available, the use of which can relieve the problem of diarrhea.

Consuming banana, rice, oatmeal and chicken soup provides relief during diarrhoea. These foods provide the body with essential nutrients, which help fight infection. Keep in mind that during this time, avoid eating ice cream, coffee, peas and cabbage, otherwise the problem may worsen. By paying attention to food, this problem is quickly relieved.
According to doctors, the most attention should be given to drinking water in diarrhea. Drinking water containing ORS is generally advised during diarrhoea. At the time of diarrhoea, the body becomes dehydrated, which should be avoided by drinking plenty of water instead of drinking milk and soda.
Celery is excellent for the health of the stomach, its regular use strengthens the stomach and also protects against diseases. In case of diarrhoea, drinking carom seeds with water soothes the stomach which improves digestion and also helps prevent loose motions.

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