Targeting the BJP, Shashi Tharoor said that now they should prepare to sit in the opposition.
Mallikarjun Kharge said that both of us are contesting elections for the betterment of the Congress and the country.
The election for the post of National President in the Congress Party is going to be held on October 18.

New Delhi. Congress’ national presidential candidate Shashi Tharoor has hit hard at the Bharatiya Janata Party. He said during the press conference that BJP should prepare to be part of the opposition, because after 2024 they will have to sit there. Also, while commenting on the change in Congress, he said that our party (Congress) needs change and I think I will be the cause of change.

Congress party’s national presidential candidate Shashi Tharoor said that Congress has run the country well, we have experienced people. We need to show our strength to win back the voters. For this, the party needs to be attractive, it needs trust so that the voters can give us their trust.

Meanwhile, senior Congress leader Mallikarjan Kharge, who is contesting against Shashi Tharoor, said on Sunday that his contest with Shashi Tharoor for party president is aimed at presenting his ideas for the betterment of the party. He said that this is an internal election. It is like two brothers in one house who are not fighting. Rather, they are keeping their word and trying to explain each other.

Mallikarjan Kharge said that the purpose of election campaign is not what a particular candidate will do if he becomes the president of the party. Rather, it is what they can do together. He said that today the environment of the country is deteriorating, we have to strengthen it with peace and unity. That is why Bharat Jodu Yatra is being taken out. Mallikarjan Kharge said that if he is elected president, he will implement the party’s Udaipur manifesto. He also said that Rahul Gandhi is the only option if the party is to be made strong and powerful.

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