Eknath Shinde vs. Uddhav Thackeray.: Shivsenechya Nivadnook Chinchacha Vaad (Shivsena Symbol) comes to Delhi High Court. Shivsinichia Thackeray approached the Delhi High Court advocating the Nivadnook Commission or this decision. Thackeray Gatane Nevrdnok Aayogchaya Verdict Ahan Dalyantar Delhi High Court Shinde Gatakdon Ghar Dikhil Karanit came. Himchan mahan aklia y dhakar gheyo nai ashi is the key to getane of vanti shinde. Thackeray has come to enter Cavite after filing a petition against the commission’s decision.

Anil Prab Mehnale’s one-sided decision of Koecha i.e. Asu will be bitter. If an akhadi petition is filed, then jhamla tar tyachi copy dili javi asa kavicha meaning asu. Shivsankadon J. Pandit file in Delhi High Court is kalilam, tyachi notice is tyana jelly. Humchi Bajo Nah Ekta’s decision came to Ghetala. Teman Amhi Delhi High Court Jello Ahot, Tiachman Shinde Gatnam Ghar Dikhil Kailan Ahe ki Tianchi side Akaliya y Katla decision should be given anew, Asan Anil Parbani Sangital.

A decision has been made against the mark. The application date came soon. Sign Miele tonight but throughout the day. Aamhi je Synonym dilet Tyapaki First Synonym Deva, Asam Parbanni Mhtlam Ahe. Jayani first sign Magitalam tyana sign dyav, work proof amhala sign mila Paheje mere Aamchi ti yeh yeh nahi, Nivardnuk Commission Amhala J Mark Deil Tya chinchavar Aamhi Nivardnook Laddhu Asanhi Parab Mahanale.

SHIVSENIT EKNATH SHINDE YANCHIA LEED BAND JHAMBANTAR SHINDE GATTANE SHIVSENIVER DAVA KILLA AHI. After screening the preferred claim, the commission or installment hearing begins. Shivsena and Shinde Gutkadon Nordic Commission papers will be Magatli. Tianantra Ndhwanka Commission, both arms of paper paper Tapaslyantra Shivsenche arrow mark Dhanushyabin gothawale. Else Shivsena oh mol nav waparnyasahi sahi ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke?

The order of the Central Pipeline Commission was opposed by Shiv Sena, Delhi High Court, Dhav Ghetli. Judged according to the principles of natural justice, the charge of casteism fell on Shivsinen. The Timule Nevadanuk Commission Kachaya asks for the decision to be postponed Dinachi Magni Sivasinne. The three synonyms of Aaplya, protection, only Ahe Magnidi Khel Shivasinne have pleaded in court. Aamchaya thoughtarnishi nigga symbol free symbol not memory. Pan Ahmala sign is correct. Accordingly every option is given, Ashi Shivsinen has come to Mehta. When the Delhi High Court or the order of the case came, many came to the target. Monday or Tuesday or episodes can be heard.

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Band samplan, satar jhalan… are usually Khushtuns costing lakhs of rupees.

Shiv Sena: National Patlivar Puhochaniyasathi Shiv Sena Nova Plan? Uddhav Thackeray active honor of national politics?

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