Symbol of Shiv Sena: Shivsenechya Shinde Gatane (Shivsena Shinde Faction Election Symbol) Three symbols of the Election Commission are synonymous. Shinde Gatane Dalilia Priyanpaiki Nerdnok Komiyasakadon ‘Tapta Surya’ (Electoral Sign Sun) or Chanala sanction. you now MaharashtraState Govt shivsenechya don gatat torch As saman ranganar asliachi debate against the heat of the sun is the start of the debate.

Monday, Nyavadnok Ayogne Thackeray Gatala ‘Shivsena-Udhu Balasaheb Thackeray’ O boat and torch mark you. Well, Shinde Gitala ‘Bala Sahibinchi Shivsena’ O Nav Dale. Only Shinde Gatane Chenhasathi Dalile Tanhi would have been synonymous with Fatalon Lavale. Soon after today, the new emblem will be ordered by the commission. Accordingly, today Sakali Shinde Gatane Nyadnok Ayugala would have received texts equivalent to Nidnok Marks via email. In the middle of the day, the sun, the shield, the sword and the pimp tree would have been synonymous with the text. Tyapaiki Nidaruk Aayogkaane Tapa Sun O Nipadnook Sign Shinde Gatala Denyachi More possibilities come.

Thackeray Gutala torch needle symbol

Shivsinichia Uddhav Thackeray Gutala Nidnok Commission has torched the Nidnok symbol. Thackeray would have equated the trident, the rising sun and the torch or symbol as synonymous. The trident, a symbol of religious worship, does not give yanar, and the rising sun is the symbol of Tamil Nadu. Well, the torch symbol would have been a symbol of equality. Simply, you don’t have the expected vote, you don’t want to mark your reservation.

Nudnok Commission, announcement, Anther Thackeray Gatkadon Mishal or Chancha was heavily campaigned on social media. Shivasikankadon came to be greeted with enthusiasm.

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