s Singh/Chandigarh: The controversy in Punjab is deepening after Amrit Pal Singh Sindhu, a 29-year-old youth and a supporter of Jarnail Singh Bhindranole, took command of the ‘Wars Punjab De’ organization. This organization belongs to actor Sandeep Singh aka Deep Sidhu, who died in a road accident a few months ago. He was also the prime accused in the 26 January 2021 Lal Qila riots case. While the Union Home Ministry has expressed concern over the alleged suspicious activities of Amrit Pal, it has written a letter to the Punjab government asking it to be alert, now political parties have also expressed their concern over it. The Congress has warned the government that Punjab cannot afford another round of violence and bloodshed. Actually Amrit Pal’s politics is being called pro-Khalistan. Recently, his Twitter account was also banned by the government due to his activities.

Amripal, while taking command of ‘Wars Punjab De’ organisation, had said, ‘All of us Punjabis are still slaves. Those who think we are free, consult a doctor. We have to fight for freedom. Our water is being stolen. Our Guru is being insulted. Those who commit blasphemy will neither be handed over to the police nor sent to the courts. Ohda soda will be applied means we will punish them too. Meanwhile, slogans in favor of Khalistan continued to be raised in his ceremony. A resolution was also passed in a meeting in the presence of Amrit Pal on 29 September, asking the government not to take any legal action against those who are peacefully fighting for Khalistan in India and abroad. This is the reason that the Khalistani movement is likely to intensify in Punjab once again.

BJP and Congress expressed concern.
Former Chief Minister and BJP leader Captain Amarinder Singh has warned the Aam Aadmi Party government to be vigilant against such forces. Punjab Congress president Amarinder Singh Raja Wading has also written a letter to Punjab DGP regarding Amripal. In this letter, he recalled the period of terrorism in Punjab and wrote that the state cannot tolerate another period of violence and bloodshed. They have also demanded an investigation into the suspicious activities of this young man. Raja Wading made it clear that he and his party have no objection to an individual preaching their religion, but inciting people to violence is unacceptable.

Who is Amrit Pal Singh?
Amrit Pal Singh Sindhu, born in 1993, is a resident of village Jalopur Khera in Tehsil Baba Bakala of Amritsar district. He is said to have studied up to Plus Two level before moving to Dubai for work in 2012. He worked in the transport business in Dubai and returned to India in 2022 to helm ‘Wars Punjab De’. His recent social media activities show that he has been talking about Sikh related issues for at least the last 5 years. He is a supporter of Khalistani terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and wears similar clothing.

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