Vehicle sales are still 4 percent below pre-corona sales.
However, September has seen an increase of 11 percent compared to 2021.
Maruti Suzuki recorded the highest sales.

New Delhi. If we look at the data before and after the corona era, they are proving to be shocking. On the one hand, there are talks of boom in the auto sector, but according to a recent report, let’s look at the sales of vehicles in the month of September 2019, that is, the sales of vehicles before the corona era are very high. Compared to current sales. However, these sales are higher than in 2020 and 2021. An increase of 5 percent from 2020 and 11 percent from 2021 is seen, but if the same figures are compared to 2019, September 2022 is still down 4 percent.

To put this decline another way, sales of two-wheelers have declined by 14%, three-wheelers by 39% and loading vehicles by 17%. However, sales of passenger vehicles have increased by 44 percent and e-rickshaws by 136 percent.

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The figures improved in September
According to the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA), the automobile sector saw some growth in September due to the festive season and recorded an 11 percent increase in vehicle sales. Sales of 14.64 lakh units have been recorded in September, which was only 13.19 lakh in 2021. If we look at passenger vehicles, it registered a growth of 10% with sales of 2.60 lakh units in September 2022, while only 2.37 lakh units were sold in September 2021.

Maruti Suzuki’s highest sales
In September, Maruti Suzuki recorded the highest sales of 1.03 lakh units. While Hyundai sold 39,118 units and Tata Motors sold 36,435 units. According to FADA, sales are now expected to increase further in October. Due to the Diwali season, sales of other vehicles will increase along with cars.

Also, some traders believe that car sales this October could be the best in a decade. This is because people who could not buy vehicles during the Corona period have planned to buy them this year. So, after two years of falling sales, there will now be a boom.

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