This incident of killing a daughter in love is from Madhubani district.
Since the incident, there has been tension in the area due to the youth and the girl being from different religions.
The victim’s mother has confessed to the murder of her daughter.

Madhubani The family’s decision to fall in love with and then marry the boy of their choice was so terrifying that she killed her own daughter. This heartbreaking incident is from Madhubani district of Bihar. The body of the deceased has not been recovered since the incident in Rahika police station area of ​​Madhubani. After receiving information about the matter, the police registered a case in Rahika police station and arrested the girl’s mother and cousin along with the lover and sent them to jail.

Along with searching for the body, the police team is probing the entire case with dog squad. SDPO Rajeev Kumar of Sadar says that the victim’s mother has confessed to killing her daughter in her statement. According to the information received, love between the young man and the girl was going on for about one and a half years. Meanwhile, both decided to get married and ran away from home without telling anyone. It is being told that after a few days, the young man returned to his home with his girlfriend, which the young man’s family informed the girl’s family.

After that, the girl’s family reached the young man’s house to take the girl and came home with their girl. According to information, the girl’s family members killed her after returning home. At present, the police is busy investigating the whole matter, while there is a tense situation in the area due to the different religions of the young man and the girl.

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