MEA expressed concern over Indian in Pakistani custody.
The spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs said – 6 Indians died in 9 months.
India has appealed to the government of Pakistan to release the prisoners.

New Delhi. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Arndam Bagchi said during a press conference on Friday that 6 Indians died in Pakistani custody in the last 9 months. 5 of them were fishermen. He said that all have completed their sentence but Pakistan has detained them illegally. Arandam Bagchi said that the deaths of fishermen have increased in recent times. Bagchi said, ‘These incidents are alarming. This matter has been raised by our High Commission in Islamabad. Pakistan is bound to protect Indian prisoners. He appealed to the government of Pakistan to release all the Indian prisoners immediately and send them back.

The foreign ministry’s statement came on a day when Pakistani authorities claimed to have rescued six Indian fishermen from drowning near the International Maritime Boundary Line between the two neighboring countries. According to PTI The incident took place on Thursday when a ship of the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) was patrolling the eastern seaboard. During this time he found 6 Indian fishermen. “A rescue operation was launched and all the crew members of the Indian fishing boat were evacuated safely,” PMSA said in a statement. The rescued fishermen were later handed over to the Indian Coast Guard operating in the area.

He has died in prison.

According to a Hindustan Times report Pakistan A 50-year-old fisherman from Gujarat was killed in jail. He was caught from the sea by the Pakistani authorities a year ago. The deceased has been identified as Jayanthi Solanki, a resident of Sutrapada village in Gir Somnath district. In July, Kalu Sheyal, a fisherman from Garal in Una taluk of Gir Somnath district, died in a Pakistani jail. The 38-year-old Cheyal’s body was handed over to the Indian authorities at the Wagah border.

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Sheyal was seized by Pakistan’s Maritime Security Agency in June 2018, allegedly crossing the International Maritime Boundary Line from the Kucha coast to Pakistan, when a fishing trawler belonging to Nilesh Panjari of Porbandar was fishing in the Ganges Sagar. was Since then he was confined in Karachi Jail. He died on July 6 due to illness.

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