Pawan Singh Kanwar/ Haldwani. The city of Haldwani in Uttarakhand is known as the gateway to Kumaon. Beauty has once again returned to the gateway markets of Kumaon. Faces of businessmen who faced recession for the last four months have opened up again. This is because of the festival and wedding season coming up this month which starts with Navratri. People are buying too much. Traders are providing goods keeping in mind all the demands of the consumers.

Haldwani market is very important in Kumaon Division. People from almost all districts come here for shopping. Along with the common people, shopkeepers from far and wide also buy goods from here. People living in the hilly areas also visit Haldwani to buy clothes, gold and silver jewelery and other items for weddings and festivals.

A happy looking shopkeeper
Keshu, a shopkeeper from Haldwani Joshi He said that now light has returned in the markets. His shop is quite crowded. The business community is also happy with the turmoil after almost four months in the market. He said that traders have high hopes for Diwali and wedding season. This time there will be good business. Diljit Singh Dilli, a clothing shop owner and business leader, said that the markets have been fully decorated and the shops are starting to return to their glory. On the occasion of Diwali, people buy a lot of household items, food items, clothes, jewelry etc. Along with this, the wedding season has also started, so it is expected that this time the business will be better than before.

Jeweler Nawal Kant Verma said buying gold and silver on Dhanteras is considered very auspicious. They have already started receiving orders for the festival. People are now booking, which they have to deliver on Thursday. Along with this, wedding jewelery is also being manufactured. Overall good business is expected this season.

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