A father can do anything for his children. Wealth is a trifling thing, for their pleasure, their joy, even their rank and seriousness, they become to the children a task which they may never do. These days a video is going viral which proves it. In this video, a person might be preparing a bottle of milk for his baby, but his method is so special that it will make you laugh out loud.

Twitter account @MorissaSchwartz often posts shocking videos. Recently, a video was shared on the account, which dates back to last year, in which a man is seen filling a bottle of milk and serving it to a baby. If you’ve ever been to a pub or bar, you’ve probably seen how the bartender (daddy bartender milk bottle video) prepares chutneys for the people there. The person seen in this video is probably preparing a similar bottle for his baby.

The father prepared milk for the child in a unique way.
The child is carefully watching the movements of the person sitting in front of him. First he puts a bowl in his hands in front of the child and then takes water from a big bottle and pours it into his own plastic bottle. He then takes a box which probably contains powdered milk. He mixes the milk powder in the bottle with great style and then shakes the bottle and holds the milk bottle in front of him.

People reacted to the video.
The video has received more than a million views, while many people have given their opinions by commenting. One said that the video was taken from the Instagram account of a man named Sani Bashi and his son is now 3 years old. Many people are laughing when they see a bottle of Jack Daniels placed in front of a teddy bear. One said that the man had brilliantly divided the child’s attention.

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