Indore. Indore’s Whirlwind Police did the trick. Taking timely action, the hostage was recovered. Kidnapping 10 members of the group were arrested. This could only be because the police swung into action without delay. One of the accused A country pistol and a large knife was also exported. The officers awarded cash prizes to the team for doing the best work.

The incident happened when a doctor’s bungalow in Indore was taken on rent by a hostel operator. Then he sat there and conspired with his colleagues to kidnap the operator of Zaika restaurant, after which the restaurant operator kidnapped Akshay Jadoon. He was beaten so badly that his whole body was covered with wounds. Akshay’s abduction was reported to the police by his friend and a report was lodged at the Bhor Kuan police station on 6 October.

The friend informed the police.
The complaint states that he was going on a motorcycle with his partner Akshay. After that five or six miscreants on their motorcycle and Innova car came on the road in front of Pratiksha Liquor shop and stopped our car and took away the key. The miscreants placed a knife on Akshay’s stomach and made him sit in a heavy car. The miscreants threatened to arrange Rs 25 lakhs at the location we mentioned if Akshay wants to be seen alive. If the money is not arranged, 25 pieces of Akshay’s body will be sent to his home.

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Address by vehicle number
The miscreants kidnapped Akshay and escaped. Fortunately, Akshay’s colleague wrote down the numbers of the vehicles and immediately informed the police. The police immediately cordoned off the area and caught the miscreants and released Akshay. But by then the miscreants had beaten up Akshay badly. Akshay Singh Jadwin, the victim restaurant operator, said that he had an old transaction with the main accused, Bhaskar Sharma. He has to collect Rs 25 lakh from the accused Bhaskar Sharma for the old transaction. But instead of giving money, Bhaskar kidnapped her.

Thus free
As soon as Akshay’s abduction was reported, station in-charge Bhawarquan Shashikant Chaurasia scanned all the CCTV footage of the area and activated the notification system. The police first started a search through the CCTV footage of the Innova car mentioned by the complainant in Rao Bypass Tejaji Nagar Samrul area. When the owner of the vehicle was traced, it was found that the vehicle had come for servicing at Ram Lakhan Rajak’s servicing centre. But some people took the car from here. It was then learned that after making Jadon sit in this Innova car, the accused took him to the PG Hostel in Amitish Nagar of Rajendra Nagar police station area. Police reached the spot in pursuit. There he left Akshay and arrested Ram Lakhan Rajk, Varun Wadhwani, Vishal Yadav, Lalit aka Lala Saurabh Parmar, Manish, Rahul Solanki, Avinash Kumar and Bhaskar Sharma’s father Krishna Kant Sharma on the spot.

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