Darbhanga. For the citizens of their country, the prison is called a reformatory. Along with this, when a person is imprisoned in a prison of another country for any reason, the prison reformatory becomes a house of torture for him. Not only this, when a person is reunited with his family after years of imprisonment, only the joy of being with his loved ones remains. While the senses and the abodes are as far removed from the tortures found in prison as if he had left his home in his own village. The story of Satish, a resident of Manortha village in Hayaghat block area, returned to his home after being away from his loved ones for 11 years.

Satish, who has been in jail in Bangladesh for 11 years, is mentally ill. Even in jail, he was chained and today his family is also forced to keep him chained. While the responsibility of running the household expenses rests on the shoulders of Satish’s elderly mother.

So don’t run…

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First Publication: 07 October 2022, 15:50 IST

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