Today is the era of social media and most people are making a name for themselves by creating their blog or Instagram feed. For this they create different types of content, which are to be liked. You can watch these bloggers anywhere while shooting videos. A blogger did something similar when he slept on a bed on the street, but what happened to him next was not okay.

Many times vloggers even harass people in public places to create content. One such person made a bed on the road in the process of creating content for his social media. Instead, the man had to be arrested by the police.

Made a video lying in the middle of the road
This incident is from Dubai where a man fell asleep with a pillow on a zebra crossing on a busy road. This man is a blogger and the car stopped around him, yet he didn’t move. The man was arrested by Dubai Police as he slept on Salahuddin Street in Al-Maraqabat district and took to Twitter to say that they had arrested an Asian man sleeping on the street.

People praised the police.
After seeing this tweet, people have expressed different reactions. While social media users have praised the police, they have abused such people. One user wrote – This is why Dubai is the safest and calmest place in the entire UAE. Another user wrote that this is why everyone respects Dubai Police.

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