The name of the charioteer driving the chariot of Lord Suryadev is Arun.
The Sun’s chariot has 7 horses which are said to be the fastest.

The Sun is considered to be the most energetic planet in our universe. Be it science or religious stories, everyone believes that the energy of the sun is limitless. It illuminates the whole world. Surya’s origin and his parents are also mentioned in the Sanatan scriptures. According to the scriptures, the earth does not revolve around the sun, but the sun itself rides on a divine chariot with the fastest speed.

The Rigveda It says – ‘Saptayujanati Rathmikachakarmiko Asuvahati Saptanam’ means riding on the wheeled chariot of the sun, drawn by the 7 names of horses. The names of the horses in the Sun’s chariot are – Gayatri, Brihati, Oshak, Jagati, Trishtup, Anushtup and Rokti. These 7 names are 7 verses.

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Pandit Ramchandra Joshi Regarding the origin of the Sun, it is said that the Brahmaji of the universe manifested several Manas sons, one of whom was Marichi. Marichi’s son became Maharishi Kashyap. Kashyap was married to Prajapati Daksh’s daughters Daiti and Aditi.

The gods including Surya were born from Aditi. Thus Surya’s father’s name is Maharshi Kashyap and mother’s name is Aditi. The sons of Aditi are called Aditya, hence the name ‘Aditya’ also appears in the synonyms of Surya. It is also mentioned in the Puranas that the seat of the sun’s chariot is six hundred thousand yojanas long.

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The Chariot of the Sun is driven by a charioteer called Arun. Arun was born to Vinita. Arun Pakshiraj is Gurun’s elder brother. Arun and Guru’s mother’s name is Venata and father’s name is Maharshi Kashyap. Religious books mention two children of Arun – Jatayu and Sampati. Jatayu fought Ravana, who was abducting mother Sita, and Sampati told the monkeys the way to Lanka.

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